Safety instructions

For the use of Excellent Systems’ plastic tile modules for floors and ramps and the construction of landings, slip-resistant areas and industrial ramps.

1. When erecting floors or tile coverings, please see the instructions supplied together with the product, possibly with an accompanying CD-ROM guide. These must be followed in full. Otherwise, floor or ramps must be mounted by authorised staff. Excellent Systems A/S accepts no responsibility for injuries caused by incorrect mounting. We furthermore refer to building rules and regulations valid in the country concerned.

2. When erecting a working landing or a ramp, local building regulations and instructions for fall protection and other staff safety issues must be observed and adhered to prior to erection. The responsibility for proper safety signing in accordance with the local rules and regulations so as to prevent fall accidents rests with the fitter.

3. The erection of landings, ramps and tile floors, may leave detritus such as plastic shavings etc. which may be swallowed or otherwise cause damage. These articles should therefore be kept out of reach from children and others to whom they may present a danger.

4. Check that the landing, ramp or tile floor is correctly assembled and mounted before it is put into service in order to avoid injuries during subsequent use.

5. When tiles are mounted in a defined height, they require a guiding edge. A guiding edge is used to prevent the ramp or landing from sliding and to avoid any ensuing injury. Requirements also demand a railing, the height of which may vary from country to country. Consult local regulations, which must be observed at all times.

6. In places where ramps are mounted in a tiled pavement and/or where heavy traffic by users on foot and wheels is anticipated, it is an advantage to construct the ramp in contrasting colours. The use of a different colour, e.g. yellow, at the bottom and top of the ramp, will make it easier for the user to see when they are moving up or down the ramp.

7. The Excellent GRIP modules are designed to be mounted as slip-resistant floors, landings with a slip-resistant surface or ramps. Any use of the modules which does not comply with the instructions will be regarded as incorrect use/misuse, which is strongly discouraged. Excellent Systems A/S does not accept any responsibility if the modules are incorrectly used/applied.

8. For information on load limits of the GRIP modules, we refer to the load tests performed by the Danish Technological Institute.

9. The GRIP modules come with spikes on the surface as a standard. Their purpose is to create a slip-resistant area from which water, oil and other fluids are drained away. The holes measure 11 x 11 mm. Young children especially might put their fingers in these holes, with the associated risk of their getting stuck. Small children should therefore not be allowed on the floor/ramp unsupervised. If a child is laid on the tiles, a padding in the form of a blanket or something similar is recommended. The blanket should cover an area larger than the child’s immediate reach.

10. In locations frequented by persons with stilettos, other pointed footwear or leather soles, signing is recommended as a safety measure, drawing attention to the increased risk of slipping or falling with these types of footwear or to prohibit their use in the GRIP-covered area.

11. Maintenance etc.: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and checking that the spikes remain intact, is crucial if the quality of the floor/ramps is to be retained.

12. All well-known cleaning agents or steam cleaning may be applied as cleaning measures.

14. Warning/NB: According to the Danish Technological Institute, the modules (i.e. the polyethylene) will begin to decompose at temperatures far above their usage temperature (at approx. 300°C) and give off mainly hydrocarbons, which are not particularly toxic or aggressive. Complete combustion of polyethylene almost exclusively produces carbonic acid and water, i.e. non-toxic substances. Excellent GRIP modules should never be applied/mounted above flammable materials which might cause a fire to start below or alongside the modules.

15 See also the local supplier’s additional safety instructions, which also must be followed/observed in full.

16. In case of any doubt about mounting, use or maintenance of GRIP flooring please contact the local supplier, as incorrect mounting, use or maintenance may involve a risk of injuries. Excellent Systems A/S does not accept any responsibility in the case of incorrect assembly/mounting, use or maintenance.